Jewels Every Woman Needs

What's in your jewelry armoire?

What stories would your jewelry- tell about you?

A spur of the moment trip to Taos where you purchased a beautiful handmade turqoise necklace? An overseas trip to Europe where you found garnets in Prague, an Algeida golden necklace in Majorica, or perhaps even a coveted Made in Italy piece from BVLGARI? 

My jewelry armoire contains jewelry from literally around the world. Pulling open the doors reveals necklaces with precious stones and unique minerals. My mother even commissioned a special necklace for me called "Around the World" that contains brightly colored and polished stones from the far corners of the world. It's one of my most prized possessions. 

Jewelry is a gift that can keep on giving. Classic, timeless jewelry that can be passed down from one generation to another that shares the stories of strong, bold, and brave women will be a rare gift to your descendents. When you want unique jewelry, you need a MORGAN JONATHAN MALIBU original design. 

Doesn't every woman need unique pieces that fit with her lifestyle, skin tones, and season in life? Shop our original designs below and order a new piece to add to your jewelry armoire today.

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Diamond earrings

Elegant and sparkly, who can resist a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings? Luxurious yet simple, a woman can wear them anywhere from the gym to the Met Gala. Truly, day or night, these brilliant diamonds will always be the right choice.


Diamond Line Necklace

Keeping up with the Kardashians is easy when you have a diamond line necklace because it does all the work for you! What other piece of jewelry adds in a power play and a touch of feminity all in one? Ensure your armoire has a diamond line necklace today.


Diamond Tennis Bracelet

You don't have to play tennis or pickle-ball to wear this essential bracelet! Clasping a line of diamonds around your arm will compliment every outfit in your closet. Keep this essential piece as a staple in your travels as it is versatile whether you're upfront as a conference speaker or directing it all from behind-the-scenes. 

Pearl earrings

Princess Catherine and Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway know that pearl diamond earrings are a must-have in their armoires. Whether you're attending a family reunion or a movie premiere, pearls are iconic. They'll dress up a casual outfit or add elegance to a ballgown. 

 Hoop earrings

Polished? Timeless? A fan fave? Look no further than hoop earrings. Your armoire can have a set of these in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. 



Delicate everyday jewelry - paper clip earrings 

Need to level up an outfit? Grab these simple yet stated paper clip earrings. The unique geometric shapes flow easilly with your day-to-day clothing. When you want jewelry that shows off your style yet is comfortable then paper clip earrings are a great addition to your armoire. 



Personalized charms (necklace or bracelet)

Charm necklaces or bracelets have been around for centuries so including one in your armoire will be an easy decision. The charms you wear can tell your life story to your children and granchildren. Families love a visible reminder of your accomplishments in life from graduation to marriage to career to children to retirement to grandchildren and everything inbetween. 

 Stackable Bands

When you want a ring but want bling, too, then stackable rings are for you! A personal favorite in my own jewelry armoire and an adored piece by royalty and celebrity alike a set of stackable rings will garner admiration from all. Why not mark an upcoming milestone in your life with a set of rings for yourself?