Why You Should Take Advantage of Working with Independent Jewelers

Give yourself every advantage when buying the jewelry that will define you. 

Us vs. Them

Concerned that a private jeweler will cost you more? Think again! A private jeweler comes with numerous advantages and today we’ll take a quick look at three of them. First, a private jeweler is not into mass production but collaborates with you personally for a bespoke piece of jewelry. Next, a private jeweler has a direct link to resources instead of a middleman. Finally, a private jeweler is set apart by their personal knowledge, experience, and connections within the industry as opposed to being a cog in the industry. 

Bespoke vs. mass-produced

Bespoke means “made for a particular customer or user.” A bespoke piece of jewelry speaks volumes about who you are, what you like, and your passion for life. Whereas mass-produced jewelry for a franchise in malls all across America can be monotonous and tiring especially when trying to shop for and try to find a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Wish you could talk directly to the designer about what you really want?! The advantages of having a private jeweler only begin with having the personalized, one-on-one conversations regarding your jewelry needs. Still uncertain about what this process looks and feels like? Maybe you can relate it to going to your PCP instead of a walk-in clinic. Or hiring an attorney instead of being assigned a public defender or even using a personal accountant instead of a franchised tax business. Private personalized attention is the key difference! A private jeweler not only saves you money but gets you the exact outcome you want in selecting your jewelry pieces due to their unbiased expert advice. Working with private jewelers over time means they come to know your personal style and preferences. Customers share their beautiful stories of bringing jewelry to be custom-made into new pieces or to create jewelry for milestone life moments such as weddings, graduations, holidays, and more. Check out their reviews here.  You run the show here because you’re not a commission, you’re a person.  Jonna and Peter Decker are a text or call away in offering you their undivided attention to create, design, and develop your bespoke jewelry. 918-647-7303 Add them as a favorite in your phone! 

Directly-sourced vs. Middleman

Advantages continue with never having to set foot in jewelry stores, shows, or even opening a catalog trying to find something you like. Jonna and Peter Decker are your private jewelers with the advantage of being in the jewelry business over three generations. Peter grew up in the business under the watchful eye of jewelers, gem cutters, and jewelry professionals. From the age of sixteen he began courses of study from the Gemological Institute of America that launched his professional career. Peter’s devotion to designing and hand-crafting unique and inspiring jewelry is to your advantage. He sources exceptional and rare diamonds as well as precious gems direct from mines, meticulous cutters, and prestigious sources all around the globe.  Private jewelers have the unique advantage of working directly with people who provide what you need for your jewelry. No chatting with salespeople trying to convince you that a piece of jewelry is perfect for you! No interruptions or wait times!  Jonna and Peter Decker of Morgan Jonathan Designs are interested in hearing what you want and need and they will work tirelessly to deliver your wishes at your individual pace. 

What Sets Us Apart 

Fueled by their mutual passion for jewelry and working together as a team, Peter and Jonna will get to know you during the creation of your jewelry piece or pieces. Morgan Jonathan DesignsJonna has a meticulous eye for quality, coherent composition, and exquisite originality as noted by her multiple award-winning designs. Designing, creating, and crafting by hand each piece of jewelry in extraordinary quality specifically for you or the special person is a unique advantage that provides the story behind the jewelry to come alive. They collaborate with you personally to match your occasion, budget, and quality preferences from start to finish. You are personally involved in and shown every step of the process from conception to completion. Their customers' feedback proves that a private jeweler is a refreshing and memorable experience. Treat yourself today to the hassle-free experience of personalized attention and peace of mind that comes with using a private jeweler. 

Endless Necklace

See the difference for yourself in this Endless Necklace setting.

Our Advantage

The advantage of having a private jeweler can easily be seen through the exquisitely handcrafted setting of this diamond necklace. Over 200 diamonds are individually and meticulously matched for precision cutting and then graded for clarity and color. Each diamond is then carefully set into place by hand by their skilled setter into four prong settings. Such personalized attention means maximum brilliance and a polished perfection that is exclusively created for the wearer. 

Morgan Jonathan Malibu are excited to serve as your private, independent jewelers for your family and friends. Peter@MorganJonathan.com

April 30, 2024 — Peter Decker