JONNA & PETER...Award Winning Team 

We have been an award winning design team for more than 30 years. Easily crossing the boundaries of various mediums we have created spectacular and original Jewelry, Objects of Art, Sculpture, Furniture, Lighting and Decor as well as Luxury homes and Personal spaces. 

MORGAN JONATHAN is another joint creative adventure, our daughter Morgan and son Jonathan its namesake, with a vision and passion to create “Jewelry for the Soul” and “Jewelry For The Home”  

We are known for creating Unique, One Of A Kind Originals. Let us create YOUR "Morgan Jonathan Original"

We use Extraordinary Diamonds, Rare Minerals, Colorful Gemstones and Precious Metals to create each Unique Design. The magnificent mountains, canyons, hillside vineyards and picturesque beaches of the Pacific Coast and the relaxed free spirited Southern California lifestyle are the inspirations for our spectacular creations.

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Our collections and unique designs are available online, through exclusive retailers, design studios and affiliate interior design professionals. We also offer considerations to Trade professionals. Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.